The Kamenashi Kazuya fanlisting has been online since October 28, 2011 ♥ I would like to thank the original owner, Hermiana, for entrusting this dream boy to me ♪

It is entitled 1582, which is the name of one of his solo song ♪ It is edgy, sexy, intense, and absolutely beautiful~ just like him X3 His performance of this song in KAT-TUN's Break the Records concert was mesmerizing, and highlights his immense talent as an artist and performer. I chose this title because the song may be a reference to Oda Nobunaga, the legendary Japanese historical figure whom Kame looks up to ♪

Version 1 Aishiteiru kara has a cute and colorful theme, and is inspired from his sweet love song. It features a blend of images from the September 2011 issue of Popolo and October 2011 issue of Potato ★ I think Kame is one of the sexiest stars ever, but for the first design, I wanted to feature this cute and adorable side of him ♥ The design is youthful and innocent, and includes my favorite line from his sweet ballad:

Japanese: 例えば もしこの夜 僕が君を失ったとしても 忘れないよ 僕は君を 愛しているから
Translation: If I were to lose you tonight, I will never forget because I love you


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